Green County Healthy Community Coalition – Community Health Improvement Plan Workgroups

Every three years the Green County Healthy Community Coalition conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment to look at the health of our community. Based off of the information in the assessment the colaition votes on 2-4 health priorities. These are health issues that our Green County community needs to focus on. Then, workgroups are formed around each health priority to address that specific issue.

The following health priorities were selected based upon information from the 2021 Green County Community Health Needs Assessment:

Adverse Childhood Experiences

What happens to people during their childhood impacts them throughout their life, and negative experiences at a young age can have detrimental consequences to a person’s health. If you have not heard of “aces” before or would like to learn more we encourage you to check out this video:


Safe, affordable housing is imperative to the health of an individual and for a thriving community.

Mental Health

Community education, prevention, access to care, addressing binge drinking and fighting stigma are important in sustaining a community that supports mental health.

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