Welcome to the Green County Public Health Blog – a place to learn about what we’re up to at Green County Public Health and hear the latest health information to live your healthiest life. Each month we’ll be discussing a seasonal public health topic – along with any department updates we want the community to know about.

To get started – we’d like to introduce you to Green County Public Health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lots of community members know more about our department now, but we do much more in addition to responding to the pandemic.

We’re a small department – made of about 10 regular staff and a few additional limited term employees here helping out with contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, and pandemic response.  Our staff is made up of public health nurses, an environmental health specialist, a health educator, a dietician, fiscal clerk and a receptionist who is also an interpreter!

Our department offers numerous services to the community. These range from vaccinations, to well water testing, to maternal-child health and everything in between. Our Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program is a supplemental nutrition program for families with young children that provides nutrition education and food benefits. We have four lactation staff that provide breastfeeding support to local parents. Our environmental health program conducts water testing, lead assessments of homes, offers radon test kits and much more. Public health is also responsible for performing disease investigation of infectious diseases (not just COVID-19) such as sexually transmitted infections, Lyme disease and others. One of our nurses works with the Early Head Start home visiting program to support eligible pregnant mothers and families with young children. Our staff also provide education on public health related topics at community meetings or events.

In addition to these services, Green County Public Health staff coordinate and serve on numerous coalitions and boards. We work with many other community organizations to improve the health of Green County in a variety of ways. Our department, along with Monroe Clinic, is co-chair of the Green County Health Community Coalition – a collaborative organization made up of over 50 local institutions.

During COVID-19 our department has taken on additional responsibilities. Since March of 2020 our staff have been contact tracing – reaching out to individuals who test positive for COVID-19 as well as the people they have had close contact with. We have worked to coordinate and operate a COVID-19 testing site for over a year.  Once the COVId-19 vaccines became available we hosted large scale clinics, worked with employers to provide the vaccine on site, and operated pop clinics across the county. Throughout this time, we have also served as the go-to entity for questions and concerns among community members and local organizations.

Thank you for taking the time learn more about what we do here at Green County Public Health, and hopefully we can help serve you and your family. To keep up with everything we’re doing here sign-up for our monthly newsletter on our website and “Like” us on Facebook! Our department is here to be a reliable resource that educates, serves, and leads the people of Green County to optimal health and well-being.